Robin's Homemade Crafts

Welcome to my handmade gift shop, an empowering place to shop and connect into a piece of an artisan's life.

We have Creative Homemade Gifts that everyone will enjoy. Find the best gift ideas for your home, men, women and kids at Robin's Homemade Crafts. We carry several unique gifts, from fun jewelry and cool accessories to creative hand soaps and holiday decorations...

Handmade Decorative Soap

We make decorative soap, in several shapes. You can also use soap for making a room, especially the bathroom, smell nice. Why not use soap for decorative purposes? It’s a totally new concept, but it’s interesting and creative. We can match any colors you are interested in.
This special soap is covered with felt wool and has a heart designed on top. It is soft and is very beautiful. You can simply use it as decoration for the guest room or for a bathroom. It is soft thanks to the felt wool, and is available in several designs.


Decorative Fabric Pumpkin's

Here's an adorable and fun pumpkin that you can use all through the autumn! This adorable Fabric stuffed pumpkin comes in several sizes. In addition, this is a great Autumn, Thanksgiving or Halloween home decoration .